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Exercise for belly fat

Now a days belly fat is just common factors. This is due to our change in daily routine life and bad habit of junk food and others. This belly fat issue is found in both men and women and even it is found in adult and children too. You can reduce belly fat using improving nutrition , reduce stress and change in our lifestyle.

There are many exercise to burn belly fat. Regular exercise can trims all your fat including visceral fat.

Sprawls exercise:

Sprawls exercise steps is very easy.

1. While standing, take a shoulder width stance with your arms down by your sides
2. Bend at your hips, then your knees, as you lower your body towards the floor in a squatting motion, while placing your hands on the floor, directly under your shoulders, and outside of your knees.
3. Jump back with both feet with a wide stance, then immediately lower your body completely to the floor.
4. Then press your hands through the floor to raise back to the top of the push up.
5. Jump both feet back in and immediately jump into the air with your arms over your head.
6. Land softly, then immediately repeat for reps.
7. Following this step for 5 to 10 as you can do. Also dont forget to get advice from your doctor if requried.