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Which is Safe food in Covid-19?

We already know that covid-19 affects different people in different ways. Mostly believe that covid-19 is came from china and there are also some proof by other countries. Here we are not talking that why and whom it is developed. Here we are talking about how we can keep ourself safe from this covid-19.

One of thing which we should thing in covid-19 is a food. Yes, we should also care regarding eating any foods. For safety reason, we should avoid some food in covid-19.

You should avoid following foods

  • Keep away from eating foods like fatty meats and butter and full fait dairy products
  • Keep aware from palm oil, coconut oil, solid shortening and lard too.
  • Dont take those foods where partially hydrogenated oils are not listed in the ingredients
  • Dont take fried foods and baked goods
  • Use foods which containts more fibre, which helps in healthy digestive system
  • Eat fresh and unprocessed foods

Please read document at WHO to know more about foods which can help in covid-19.