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Best fruits for healthy eyes

We understood that how it is important of eating healthy fruits. But all fruits does not provide same protein which need to all of our body. There are different protein in each fruits. As you know that to do our daily routing work our eye should be healthy. There should be proper eyesight. But due to our daily routine life , it stress to our eyes and so due to this reason our it effect to our eyesight. So we must keep our eye healthy. For that you can use some of fruits from which we can get proper protein which need for our eyes.

Following are some of fruits which we should take:

In nuts there is omega-3 fatty acids. It contains vitamin E, which is very good for healthy eyes.

This also include rich Vitamin A. This vitamin plays important role for our vision.

This contain lutein and zeaxanthin. This generally reduce the risk of eyesight loss which is caused due to age. It also contains Vitamin E, Zinc and C. So you should take it in your breakfast.

You should consume lots of water daily, which need to keep our eye healthy. This can prevent dehydration.

Sweet potatoes:
It provides antioxidant Vitamin E.

Leafy Green vegetables:
This is very important for our eyes to eat vegetables which contain green leaf. It provides Vitamin-C. Collards and spinach are the example of leafy greens vegetables.

These type of fruits are called Citrus fruits and contains lots of Vitamin-C. During covid-19 situation, doctor also recommend this too. Even Doctor recommend medicines which contains this vitamin.

Fish also contain omega-3 fatty acids